Friday, November 11, 2005 taking Christ to see the Queen

I released a test copy, call in a beta if you like, of pG 1.6. Instead of putting it on the sourceforge website like I would normally do, put it on this one so I could look at the download stats a little easier. I've always wondered if half of those downloads I get for pG are down to weird spiders that download every thing in sight :-).

I've had 16 downloads of the test version so far (17 in you include my test download), and they all appear to be real people.

Other boring stats...

  • Yahoo's slurp spider has made over a thousand requests so far this month ? I can see way groklaw has a robots.txt file.

  • People are still downloading my really old BeOS povray packages

  • People actually read this blog, I'd better watch what I say... :-)

  • postGenesis has been sadly neglected, mostly due to a combination of pG, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Ico and PES5, the rest is due to having to do the boring parts, like adding files to parameters and wondering what to do with regards to Windows/Linux front ends.

    The front end issue comes down to this, I don't know any Win32 and Linux GUI API's so the best thing to do would be to use a cross platform API so I only have to struggle with two (see the last whinge about Cocoa). I'm not a C++ programmer, I could probably cope, I managed a couple of BeOS apps using the old C with classes approach, but most of the C++ API's use templates and stuff that makes me want to run a mile when I see it. There does not seem to be any C based API's except GTK which I don't like. IMHO the code looks ugly, all those casts probably, and I developed quite a dislike of it when helping with the BeOS and Mac attempts at porting 1.2.

    Quick aside...GTK developers, compile a debug version of 1.2, create a small app that updates a status bar with a count of button presses, add said button too with boxes to make the window neat. Now step through the app in a debugger from the button press through to the text redraw, and wonder why it takes the best bit of a hour to do and how on earth anyone was supposed to work out why the port didn't update the text unless the number got an extra digit. And you'll have it easy since you haven't got a 'pretend I'm X11' layer to step through too.

    Anyway after slagging off GTK, I was wondering if I should do the other front ends in GTK#. I don't know much C# but it looks like C with classes and I quite liked the bit of code I did. I need to see how my use of cairo fits in with GTK#. I
    could use Java I suppose, but all that JNI, eewww.

    postGenesis has seen some light of day though, liboil has been added to its list of dependencies, which should supply some cross platform SIMD acceleration. All it's doing at the moment is scaling the noise for the PNG output. It has got a lot of math functions though that should hopefully accelerate some of the functions and combiners.

    Oh look, one more post and blog should look decent in IE again :o)