Sunday, December 18, 2005

Does any one know a cute girl with some pom-poms ?

planetGenesis 1.6 saw the light of day today.

New planetGenesis 1.6 features...

New Combiners
- SetX, SetY and SetZ.
These take the value generated by the left hand side noise and replace
either the X, Y or Z co-ordinate feed to the right hand side noise.

New output
- Yayray xml output.

New improvements
- Worley based noises are 10 - 20% quicker.
- Perlin noise has had a 1% improvement.
Bug fixes
- Random seed now random :-)

postGenesis is coming along too, I've I've totally changed the API to get/set noise parameters so it's totally automatic, all I have to do is set them up correctly. Things left to do libPostGenesis include adding...

a way of adding a 'choice' parameter type for example down down controls.
A way to remove noise engines from the current noise graph including freeing memory
Saving / loading
Running the noise graph up to a point, then keeping it there so you can play with the nodes after that point without rerunning the whole thing.

Then I need to finish the Cocoa GUI and decide how to deal with the other platforms.