Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I've got the progress bars working again, woot!.

They where broken when I brought in multi-threaded rendering for the animations.
I've since added code to multi-thread the stills rendering which broke those
progress bars too. So after painting myself into a corner I really had to find the problem which was...

The new code was blocking the main thread, where all the drawing takes place. D'oh!

I've had to move the rendering code into a another thread. Its had some side effects though as there appears to be other things that 'prefer' being run in the main thread, NSSavePanel for example . There's probably memory issues too, stuff allocated in the main thread that gets auto-released before the new thread gets to use it. I've got some fun ahead moving code around, and getting it all working nicely before closing the bug on SourceForge.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

This ain't no holiday...

As promised, one new Oxidizer release.

This one has been done as a proper SourceForge release, so you can pick it up from SourceForge

There's a webpage to look at at too.

For those who can not be bothered to look below the changes for this verion are 

  • Drag and drop between genome tables
  • Interpolation settings constrained to valid flam3 values
  • Flam3 code updated to version 2.7b8

Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's just there where you're bound...

A couple of more CVS updates.

  • flam3 code updated to flam3 2.7b8 release
  • The interpolation setting should now  restricted to settings flam3 accepts. Whichmeans you can only have a smooth setting when there are four genomes or more, and then not on the first or last genome.

I'm going to have a play for a while and then  release it as the next test alpha release.