Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More Oxidzer stuff in CVS

The toolbar now has icons for Still and Movie rendering.

You now have an option to automatically display a newly rendered still in a Preview Window.

You can render direct to the Preview Window without going though the save dialogue using the cleverly named Render To Window option.

You can drag the image from the Preview Window to the Finder/Desktop to save it.

All the rendering options (Still, Movie, To Window)are available from a Render Menu.

BTW... All the toolbar icons except the Breeder icon are taken from the Tango Desktop Project. They are really designed to standardize the look of the Linux desktops, but seem to go quite while with Aqua too. The Breeder icon comes from the Open Clip Art Library. Its a modified version of this SVG picture. As you can see its been simplified, rotated and the colours changed to match the Tango standards.


Friday, September 08, 2006

1, 2, 3, 4. Keep them waiting at the door

More check in's...

There's the initial start of a tool bar, just open, save and breed at the moment, more to come.

There's now an option to save thumbnails with flam3 files, which was feature request 1526772.

The file path in displayed on the main table view, editing the flame name has now moved to the edit screen.

Oh, and multithreaded still rendering is out as it was slower than single threaded rendering. It still renders in a seperate thread to the GUI though.

I forgot to mention in the last release I've reduced the priority of the rendering threads so that you can actually do something else with your Mac when rendering an animation :o).