Thursday, February 08, 2007


I've been a little quite recently, this was due to a number of things.

  • I've been playing with the Terragen 2 Technical Preview

  • I bust my typing finger playing football (the type you play with a ball and feet).

  • So I've been giving my finger a rest.

    I've also been giving Oxidizer a rest too, and had a play with planetGenesis instead. This has lead to the first release for 14 months...hoo-rah.

    So the new bits are...

    The Noise Menu has been split into differrent noise types.

    New Noises
    Worley noises now have a new distance metric, QuasiEuclidean.
    There's a new Worley noise, BiasedWorley.
    LinearSandDunes is a new noise that creates linear sand dunes.

    New Combiners
    - WarpX, WarpY and WarpZ.
    These take the value generated by the left hand side noise and add it to
    either the X, Y or Z co-ordinate feed to the right hand side noise.

    Oxidizer has seen some action, it's been updated to the latest flam3 version, and there's also a start of lua scripting. All these are only available from CVS, and the lua scripting is very limited at the moment.

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    Anonymous said...

    Dave, I downloaded both r_0_2 and r_0_3 and like the program to a point but there are way to many bugs on my Intel mac, no tutorials and no help menu.

    The worst of all is that when you have the breeder open and make changes,more often than not either the editor freezez you out completely of else the mutation you send there wipes out all the other types you saved earlier.

    I guess it’s like you say its down to the flame3 code which is all the more annoying. I just bought quadriium 2 which good program as it is annoys me for a number of reasons - namely that there are better programs on window that are freeware. Then when I looked at flame3 they wanted even more for that.

    Sigh! I hate windows but it looks like I will need to be going there for apo if I’m ever going to generate flames with any success and without further damage to my wallet!

    12:35 AM, March 01, 2007  
    Dave said...

    I'll look into the breeder freezes, I have not given it much attention since I brought in the Gene Pool, the Gene Pool is much more fun :-)

    Copying the flame from the Breeder to the editor is supposed to wipe out the old flames, I guess I could change that. It you drag the new flame from the image
    to the flame list it will append to the list rather than replace the old flames.

    10:24 PM, March 06, 2007  
    Anonymous said...

    Hello, I like Oxidizer and have some questions.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this beautifull / powerfull /application!

    1) is there a possibility for adding some help text or explanation?
    All those parameters are overwhelming ... and experimenting has his charms but i am also just curious what all those parameters mean.

    2) for instance: in Environment: Size Scale parameter and via Edit window in Image tab the Size fields ... what's the difference?

    3) is it a good idea to put more parameters in Preferences, so more personalisation is possible.
    You can have your own defaults.

    9:34 PM, June 03, 2007  
    urs said...

    Hey Dave

    very great work! I've been playing around with Oxidizer, and trying to figure out all the params. I would have loved to get that lua scripting tested but was not able to compile the source from the cvs because some files were actually missing. Any way to get those files?
    Would loveto help you with this project becaus ei'd need it to do some VJ work with it... if you want drop me a line at u r s AT l o o p 6 6 dot at


    5:24 PM, June 05, 2007  
    Dave said...


    Yes I'm shabby at doing the documentation :-), and I don't know what half the parameters do anyway. The best place to look for details are the electric sheep pages. A good place to start is the wiki.

    Having more parameters in the preferences is on the list of things to do.

    @Urs, I sent this as an e-mai, and made a copy here in case I get the e-mail address wrong.

    I've added the missing files, and built a fresh download from CVS so you should be okay. The scripting is very primitive at the moment as real life is getting in the way of coding at the moment.

    It runs a a hardcoded lua file from a directory. You
    want to edit line 205 in OxidzerDelegate.m to change the path to the file. It currently looks like this...

    int err = luaL_loadfile(L, "/Users/vargol/Source/oxidizer/test.lua");

    You'll need to change the path. The test.lua file is in CVS, it'll give you a clue has to what little can be done at the moment.


    7:06 PM, June 05, 2007  
    monday said...

    hey DAVE and URS,

    any chance you'll make it so that when you try animate, it will render more than one frame?

    i love oxidizer, but it's impossible to render a movie or image sequence with the animate option, and obviously the render button just produces one frame...

    i'm hoping to use this for an A/V art piece i am working on...

    great job so far with it!

    7:50 PM, June 19, 2007  
    David said...

    Unless you you've hit a bug Oxidizer should be very capable of making movies with more than one frame,
    simply create two frames and set the 'time' of the second to something over than 0.

    The time value is not really the time value, its more a frame count with creating movies, so using 50 create a movie with 50 frames. The movie speed is 20 frames per second IIRC.

    If you have hit a bug, send me details of your Mac, CPU, memory, etc and if possible save the flame you want to animate.

    8:42 PM, June 20, 2007  
    monday said...

    okay, that wasn't what i expected.

    i guess the trick is to get a flam in the main window and then hit the plus button next to the edit button and it automagically set the time value to 100 (the first one was at 50).

    then hit animate and it renders fine...

    okay, so now i know, thanks..

    5:17 AM, June 23, 2007  

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