Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bugs in Oxidizer 0.4

Indirectly, as in I came across a forum where someone was whinging,  I heard off an issue with 0.4 where it would 'crash' if you over breed.
Basically if you keep breeding the same Genomes over and over again after 6 to 7 generations you end up with a genome with over 128 xforms, which flam3 2.7.4 does not like. 

The good news is that flam3 2.7.5 released barely hours after Oxidizer 0.4 fixes the issue, well moves it along until 65535 xforms.

The bad news is that it still crashes after 6 or 7 goes. I seem to been having a problem with file descriptors. I've got a feeling that using autoreleased NSPipes is leading to file descriptors not being freed in a timely manner.

Looks like there's going to be a 0.4.1 release soon.


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