Monday, August 20, 2007

I told you it would be soon...

I've just released Oxidizer 0.4 with a few changes to stabilize the Gene Pool. The changes are

Oxidizer 0.4.1 change log...

  • Oxidizer now generate genomes compatible with flam3 2.7.5
  • Applies a few fixes in flam3 CVS to fix issues with really stupid numbers of xforms. This should make the Gene Pool more stable.
  • Only keep the last three 'edits' information when breeding. 
  • The Gene Pool would chose union method of breeding far to often leading to huge number of xforms in a genome. Its now even chances for each method.
  • These last two change significantly reduce the amount of memory Oxidizer needs to breed.
  • There is a preference option to change if the preview kindow is kept on top or not.
  • Oxidizer no longer attempts to breed 'empty' genomes if selected.

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