Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Still here.

Much of my time has been dealing with Oxidizer, fixing bugs and adding stuff for the next release.
One issue that I can't fix is it's incompatibility with Shapeshifter. It appears that stuff complied on Leopard causes issues with Shapeshifter and I'm unlikely to attempt to fix any issues caused by haxies, especially when something as simple as opening a window causes Shapeshifter to crash Oxidizer.

The good news is that adding Oxidizer to Shapeshifter's exclude list is enough to stop the crashing.
The bad news is that it can cause people to think Oxidizer is an unstable piece of rubbish, of course these people never actually contact me, they just moan about it on software review sites.

For anyone actually wishing to be helpful here's a link to how to write a useful bug report.

planetGenesis has been sadly neglected recently, at least it has by me. SadWillow has been adding some fun new noises and functions. I'm working on a new version of Worley noise that I might check in one of these days :-)


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