Friday, April 27, 2007

Still here...

So what have I been up to recently...
Development wise I not done a lot, initially due to be being busy at work, but now due to be not being busy at work.

Alright, I know...

Around 2 months ago my job was put under threat of redundancy. As the company in question was expecting to make over 100 people redundant in one foul they legally have to go through a 90 day consultancy period before formally giving notice. That day is still a month away, but I now know that I will definitely been amongst those 100 people. The whole thing has pretty much sapped any enthusiasm I have for coding especially the coupled with the flam3 code breakage (more below).

There as been some progress however...

I have rewritten the planetGenesis code that handles the links between components so now a user can drag a join over a component and then release it, inserting the component in the middle of the join.

I've also introduced a new type of component, a Post Processing component, this takes a complete terrain and processes it further. No actual useful components for it
yet though although I do have a Erosion component that shows some promise.

pG has had a lot more changes though as the project has gained a new developer, Sid Datta. He has added a persistent dialogue panel on the right of pG screen, and selected components are now highlighted.

So what about Oxidizer? I've took a break from Oxidizer since, as mentioned above, recent changes to the flam3 library have borked it. It’s to do with pthreads in a library, Cocoa event handling and memory management and how none of them work together very well. I may back out a version of flam3 and backport the variation changes to get a release out and give me some more time, and them think about
either forking or shelling out to flam3 instead of compiling in the code.


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